Empowering a decentralized future

The global move to digital assets and decentralized technologies is the future of an open economy.
GravityX Capital has over five years of expertise advising and supporting some of the most promising crypto projects. Our core team has deep connections within the web3 space and a background in cross-functional roles working with web3 startups and Fortune 100 companies.
We believe that crypto represents a paradigm shift in value exchange and will eventually solve the inefficiencies and injustices at the very core of our social constructs.

Technical expertise

A research-driven team with hands-on expertise with web3 technology and a deep understanding of its core users.


Global network

We're well connected and have personal relationships with leading VCs, founders, and web3 service providers.


Ecosystem approach

Our venture arm is complemented by a community of builders and an accelerator program.

Our Team

Pratik M

General Partner

Tata Trust and Lockheed Martin Research Grant recipient. Harvard Alum. Expert in management, technology, and finance. A serial entrepreneur.

Vishal S

COO, Graviton Accelerator

Full stack technology professional. Expert in blockchain economics, game theory, and growth hacking. Startup advisor and a serial entrepreneur.

Arpit N

CEO, Graviton Accelerator

Product & Growth specialist. Expert in building products, problem-solving, design, growth strategy, research & analytics. Ex- WazirX, Claystack, Zoomcar.

Got a knack for the crypto space?

We always look for adding more talent!

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