We infuse capital in game-changing ideas

We are strong-headed forward thinkers with a keen eye for micro and macro events that impact the crypto markets. Our investments have a cycle of three years, and we follow a diligent approach to identify gemstones and help them grow.

A glimpse at our due diligence process.



At this stage, we do thorough research, followed by studying the product and technology documentation to understand the product idea, close competition, and the market landscape.



Our team further engages with the founding team to closely understand the technology architecture, roadmap, and long-term goals. We engage with the core team to further evaluate the team’s potential to reach the goals.



Once the portfolio is shortlisted for investment, further due diligence and legalities checks are performed. Post which we move to the final stage of SAFTS signing and capital infusion that aligns with your company’s scalability.



As a high-value-add investor, we engage in regular reviews with the founding team and help identify partnerships, provide additional liquidity, and develop strategies and processes to succeed.

Our Investments and Positions

Our Investment Stages

Early stage

We fund compelling products at pre-market valuations and help them navigate the challenges through our hands-on approach.

Growth stage

We add strategic value through partnerships and introductions to refine the product-market fit and aid in scaling the product.

Maturity Stage

We build decisive positions in high traction public products through OTC deals, liquidity mining, staking, yield farming, and governance.

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